Why should you run an Innovation Diagnostic?

    Many CEOs wonder why their innovation programs fail to deliver the results they expect but few take the time to run an Innovation Diagnostic and assess their organization’s “innovation capabilities” before initiating company wide initiatives. A consequence is the adoption of standard approaches that fail to consider the cultural aspects of the organization, skill level of the teams and expected contribution to the company’s strategic objectives.

    Performing an innovation diagnostic or assessment provides insight into an organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses, how its organizational structures and cultural aspects hinder or support innovation. Every organization needs to design the innovation approaches that are right for them and performing a diagnostic provides valuable input.

    Providing you with a system view of your innovation strengths and weaknesses

    To understand how to best develop a systemic innovation capability that can support the future success of the company we explore seven key areas for insights that correspond to our Innovation System. Within each of these system areas we highlight barriers and enablers, critical gaps and start to build a view of the desired future state of innovation. We can quickly assess the capability to innovate at enterprise, organization or business group level and identify any gaps that we need to address in order to achieve our innovation goals.

    We provide different diagnostic tools including assessing the leadership’s view of how they expect innovation to contribute to the overall business goals. This alignment is crucial and will help make a more compelling case for change. The case for change can then be taken forward for detailed planning and implementation in subsequent phases. Strategos supports clients throughout this journey.

    The use of a custom built innovation dashboard wil help measure and manage progress, allow for course corrections when necessary and includes views of business contribution vs goals.

    Innovation System Innovation Capability Framework

    Innovation Diagnostic Outcomes

    • Objective external assessment of your innovation capability
    • Identified barriers and enablers that impact your innovation performance
    • Clear set of drivers and road-map for innovation change
    • Innovation maturity mapping
    • Strong organizational support for change plans going forward