Stepping into Industry 4.0

Ranging from packaging to steel and from industrial equipment to aerospace these businesses require significant capital investment to launch new products and often rely on precision engineering and advances in technology. For the manufacturing industry innovation is as much about products, services, and new businesses as it is about re-inventing the operational model.

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With Industry 4.0 in sight the manufacturing industry faces significant changes necessary to stay ahead of the game. Technologies such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things are already impacting productivity increases for those in the vanguard.

Apply Focus.

With so many options to consider there is a danger to pilot everything but scale nothing. Choosing wisely, testing the viability and then scaling to reap the rewards will be the challenge to make progress faster.

Our Support.

Strategos helped organizations in a variety of ways including:

  • Re-aligning R&D portfolio and investments with market needs
  • Identification of new growth opportunities
  • Using our proprietary “Radical Simplication” approach to achieve step change performance increases in internal processes

Mike Marucci, VP Business & Technology

“The Strategos team helped us identify a number of actionable business development areas in a very short time using an approach custom tailored to our business. This personal approach to the collaboration produced insights that we would not have identified alone”