innovation to the core

    Innovation as a core competence: Unleash your innovation potential

    This book shows how companies of every stripe have overcome the barriers to successful, profitable innovation. You’ll find parts devoted to crucial topics–such as how to organize the discovery process, generate strategic insights, enlarge your innovation pipeline, and maximize your return on innovation based on the methodologies developed by Strategos. Crafted in close coordination with Gary Hamel–the man who Fortune magazine has called “the world’s leading expert on business strategy”–“Innovation to the Core” is the definitive field book for making innovation a core competence in your organization.


    Blending the art and science of venture incubation

    Even adaptive “lean” planning and experimentation cannot guarantee success when uncertainties are as great as a venturer’s ambitions. Instead of relying exclusively on such scientifically-grounded approaches, venture craftsmen artfully redirect the energy of startups that might otherwise spin out of control towards failure.
    Amiel weaves together the stories of entrepreneurs like Minecraft’s Markus Persson and Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, along with examples from beyond business, including legendary ocean racing sailor Isabelle Autissier. In a surprising discovery, Amiel shows how meeting challenges in a broad variety of fields rife with uncertainty relies on skillful improvisation.

    customer equity

    Implementing customer centric strategies

    Customer Equity provides a unifying framework for measuring customer value – the potential profitability of each customer to the company – as a financial asset and defines and shows how to implement customer-centric strategies for long-term customer retention, relationship building and bottom-line intangible value-creation.

    The book provides tools for managing the customer portfolio across segments and over time so that marketers can lengthen customer life cycles, tailor the marketing mix, optimize cross-functional operations and balance customer acquisition and retention.

    Whirlpool Unleashing Innovation

    How Whirlpool became an innovation powerhouse

    In publications such as BusinessWeek and Fast Company, the media have celebrated Whirlpool’s transformation into a leading-edge innovator and Nancy Tennant Snyder’s role as chief innovation officer. Ten years after this remarkable transformation, Unleashing Innovation tells the inside story of one of the most successful innovation turnarounds in American history. Nancy Tennant Snyder and coauthor Deborah L. Duarte reveal how Whirlpool undertook one of the largest change efforts in corporate history with the help of Strategos and show how innovation was embedded throughout the company, which ultimately lead to bottom-line results.