Organisations need to invest in employee innovation training to build a robust innovation capability that supports the growth goals of the company. Too often innovation projects are started, teams assembled but without any focus on capability development and the results in the end are below expectations. The worst that can happen is that people loose confidence, momentum is lost and the innovation initiative is abandoned. The objective here is to unleash the creative powers of the organization and ensure that opportunities can be executed on.

    Developing individual skills can be done within the context of real innovation projects and management team workshops depending on their roles within te organization.

    iMentor Innovation TrainingOur iMentor framework covers an extensive curriculum of innovation training topics at various levels of complexity and experience. Whether you are part of an innovation team, manage innovation challenges or are a leader in the organization setting direction and overseeing the entire portfolio of innovation initiatives there are different skills you will need to acquire.


    Our iMentor programs are built based on a set of proven innovation principles and include topics such as developing insights, opportunity identification, business model innovation, in-market experimentation but also portfolio management, metrics, selecting and organising teams etc.

    Strategos has a track record with more than 20 years of experience in helping organisations. Whether you are looking to develop individual capability (skills and behaviours) or the organisational capacity (infrastructure) we have the methodologies and tools to help you get started fast. We can develop tailor made in-house programs around innovation training topics that are most relevant for you situation and skills that can be applied immediately in active innovation initiatives.

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