How ZF improved their Innovation System.

How does ZF Commercial Vehicles use Innovation to build the next generation of commercial vehicles and enable the future of automotive? In our interview with Gandert van Raemdonck, Head of Innovation, he explains how they tackled this challenge and prepared ZF for future growth.

Redesigning elements of the Innovation System for ZF.

Michel van Hove, CEO of Strategos, catches up with Gandert van Raemdonck, Head of Innovation for ZF Commercial Vehicles Division, to discuss the future of automotive, ZF’s goals and challenges for innovation. 

Learn how Gandert and his team have recently changed critical elements of their innovation system, including innovation portfolio management, governance, and innovation funnel setup, to match the rising demand for innovation within one of the biggest suppliers of automotive solutions globally.

"Portfolio Management is the missing link between Strategy and Innovation."

Interested in how you start portfolio management for innovation?

Key takeaways:

  • ZF’s focus areas for commercial vehicle innovation include autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, regulation, and sustainability.
  • Goals for innovation at ZF’s Commercial Vehicles Division include being a global innovation team and outperforming the market.
  • Challenges for the innovation team include lack of business involvement, limited project overview, and difficulty in driving transformative projects.
  • Solutions implemented by ZF include a new governance model, innovation portfolio management, and an updated innovation funnel to accommodate transformational innovation.
  • The results of these changes include improved alignment and decision-making, business accountability, and a shift toward transformative projects.
  • Recommendations for overcoming challenges include understanding market pain points, implementing innovation portfolio management, and focusing on performance-driven outcomes.
  • The future of innovation in commercial vehicles includes driver assistance solutions, connectivity, and zero-emission vehicles.
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