Embracing new market opportunities, refocusing their strategies.

    While the demand for chemicals continues to grow globally (estimated to double in the next 20 years) product lifecycles shorten. The Chemicals Industry needs to innovate faster and at a different scale than before. Incumbents need to reduce their dependency on products that were introduced decades ago and look for new opportunities. Leading chemical companies do so by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals and believe there’s huge value to gain in areas such as health, energy, urbanization etc.

    Strengthening their efforts in its environmental sustainability brings the valuable experience to help customers do the same as the pressure for sustainable products that can be adopted in a circular economy opens up new opportunities. Traditionally focused on productsthe Chemicals Industry needs to embrace digitization and explore new revenue streams in accompanying services and new business models that focus on performance achievements.

    Strategos has extensive experience with global leaders in this industry helping them define growth strategies and aligning business goals with sustainability demands.


    A specialty materials manufacturer and a division of one of the worlds largest global chemical companies was experiencing flat to decreasing revenues in its major business lines. Strategos created a compelling vision and identified 6 new growth platforms. The client adopted our “agile commercialisation” approach to further explore these growth platforms and implementation is underway.