Total University - Leading Innovation

    In 2013, the Executive Committee of Total University initiated a program called “Leading Innovation”. This initiative was in response to the growing energy demands and challenges we needed to address, namely: the increasing complexity of oil and gas production – the need to protect people and the environment – and the search for greater energy efficiency. Innovation is the only way to approach and meet all of these challenges at the same time. That’s why we made innovation a priority at Total.

    This program aims to achieve four key goals for Total:

    1. Understand the importance of innovation for the future of Total
    2. Discover effective ways to reflect on new business strategies and business models
    3. Experience innovative thinking and creative ways to address new challenges and solve problems
    4. Encourage the teams to innovate and change as a result of transformational leadership

    Since 2013, over one-hundred of Total’s most senior executives have participated in this program and have transferred the lessons learned to their own groups and teams. We valued Strategos as a key partner in delivering a session in this program by sharing their extensive experience in helping clients with strategic innovation initiatives around the world. They demonstrated their systemic innovation methodology and helped our executives understand how embedding innovation capabilities can impact the future of Total. Specifically, the hands-on approach of “challenging beliefs and assumptions” by our executives has provided the necessary tools and insights to help us rethink the way we compete, the products and services we offer, and how we will do business in the future.

    Claire BEYOU, Head of Executive Development Programs, Total Corporate University

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