Leadership development at Syngenta

The Agri-Business Leadership Programme is a modular year long programme to develop high potential executives for the agricultural challenges of the future. Strategos worked with the participants to train them in the key areas of our innovation process and coach project teams to help them develop solutions to key strategic challenges facing their business.

Over 100 business leaders were developed through this programme with Strategos and 20 projects were completed that delivered significant value to both growers and to other stakeholders. What characterised the programme was a hands-on mentality by having the teams work on actual business challenges that were meant to make an impact. These challenges were picked by the top management of the company to align with the overall Syngenta Strategy.

The projects covered all of the major crops and all parts of the globe.

“Strategos have been one of our main partners in delivering our Global Leadership Development programme. Their role has been to work with our high potential executives to help them learn and apply the proven Strategos innovation process. As a result, we have developed numerous innovative solutions to a range of business challenges and have a cadre of executives across the world who are skilled in applying innovation thinking.

We will continue to work with Strategos on our future programmes and we highly value our long term strategic partnership.”

Guy Kempfert, Global Head Learning & Development, Syngenta


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