Oriflame is a leading beauty company operating a direct selling model offering individuals the opportunity to join Oriflame’s sales force and start their own business. Oriflame have a presence in more than 60 countries and are the market leader in more than half. Its origin is in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland.

    The market for male grooming products in BRIC is growing steadily and male consumers are placing greater importance on looking good and the personal care aspects of improved health and wellness. This offers opportunities for the personal care industry outside traditional categories. But a different approach is needed to address these emerging markets and this required a detailed understanding of male needs, attitudes and behaviours towards grooming.

    The objectives for Oriflame were to develop this deeper understanding of consumers in these markets by conducting primary in-market research involving observational work as well as more traditional focus groups and interviews. Strategos used their innovation methods and techniques to develop these insights and identified dozens of opportunities for Oriflame that Oriflame since commercialised.

    “Oriflame has collaborated with Strategos to identify new opportunities in emerging markets that are key to Oriflame’s growth ambitions. They have worked with our teams both in Stockholm and abroad to develop new insights and helped us to identify multiple opportunity platforms that we are in the process of pursuing.

    Their contribution to our innovation program has been to work alongside our teams and help them learn and apply a more systemic way to innovate.”

    Jacques Mathieu
    Senior Director Consumer Insight
    Oriflame Cosmetics AB

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