Patiwat Panurach

Patiwat has spent the last twenty years helping companies in Thailand, Asia, and the U.S. create new growth strategies and bring new opportunities to market.

At Strategos, Patiwat has worked across a wide range of industries including telecommunications, financial services, and energy.  His work includes repositioning companies for growth, creating new offerings to meet emerging market needs, taking advantages of disruptive innovations in other industries, and developing and implementing effective organizational designs.

Patiwat began his career with the Boston Consulting Group focusing on strategy development and implementation in the Southeast Asia telecom, financial services, and energy practice areas.  Later, he worked with International Launch Services, developing growth opportunities in the satellite launch industry.  Patiwat has been an adjunct professor at the faculties of economics and commerce at Thammasat University since 2010, and in addition has designed and delivered executive training and mentorship programs in the telecom, consumer goods, and healthcare industries.

Patiwat has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in new product and venture development, and an economics degree with honors from Thammasat University. He is fluent in English and Thai and resides in Thailand.

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Patiwat Panurach

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