Jorge Rufut-Latre

Jorge brings a rare combination of scientific, commercial, and behavioral insights and experiences to bear on client situations.

Jorge is a native of Barcelona, Spain.  Fueled by his enthusiasm for space exploration and armed with two Electrical Engineering degrees, he crossed the Atlantic and worked at NASA planning life science Space Shuttle missions and building astronaut training simulations.

Nine years later, after learning about organization and management at MIT and helping conduct applied research with MIT, he joined Strategos in 1996 as a Director and has since been helping organizations like Crayola grow and innovate, focusing both on creating and implementing growth opportunities and guiding organizations and individuals through the behavioral and attitudinal transitions required to innovate effectively.

Since making a transition to Strategos Network Associate status in 2011, Jorge has continued to focus on the organizational development aspects of innovation consulting, drawing lessons from his own experiences as an ultra-endurance athlete and Arctic adventurer. Exploring and transcending his physical and mental limits, Jorge has become an accomplished long-distance mountain runner. His finishes include 4 of the toughest 100-mile mountain races in the US.  Jorge lives in Colorado with his family.

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Jorge Rufut-Latre

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