We help companies grow

    At Strategos we help organisations create a point of view about future opportunities and develop strategy and innovation capabilities to exploit them. Our practice was established in 1995 by a group of professional consultants together with Professor Gary Hamel and is built on a solid foundation of academic theory and real-world practice.

    Over the years, Strategos has helped clients across the globe address significant challenges:

    • How will we renew our business and find new avenues for growth?
    • What strategies will help us differentiate and remain competitive?
    • What organizational changes are required to support our goals?
    • How do we engage our employees and develop their capabilities?

    We’ve reinvented how organizations address strategy and innovation

    We’re living in a time where change is a constant and companies need to be much more aware of non-traditional competitors. There are consequences for the speed and scale with which businesses need to innovate. Where traditional methods fall short in addressing this new reality Strategos has the experience, expertise and differentiated approaches to help clients navigate their future successfully.

    A partnership at all levels of the organisation

    The vast majority of CEOs believe innovation is key to the success of their company but struggle to make it a core business capability. When times are good people underinvest in innovation because there is no sense of urgency and when times are bad they underinvest because of a lack of resources and more pressing priorities. We work with C-level executives and senior leaders to help shape their growth agenda and support teams with tools and systematic approaches to make it all happen.


    Gary Getz

    Partner and CEO

    Michel van Hove


    Supporting Clients Globally

    Strategos engagements do not look or feel like traditional “consulting.” Strategos projects are typically executed by a small, but effective team of very experienced professionals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industry experience. Strategos delivers support globally and has extensive experience working in most regions of the world.

    And, it is quite notable that some Strategos engagements are so compelling that clients will publish articles and books about their own journey of discovery (e.g. Unleashing Innovation: How Whirlpool Transformed an Industry, by Nancy Tennant Snyder & Deborah L. Duarte, August, 2008).