Ricardo Jorge

    Ricardo is based out of London and Lisbon and has 20 years’ experience in operational, leadership and consulting roles in Europe. He is experienced in strategic innovation and in scaling up technology ventures both as a consultant and as an entrepreneur.  He has worked in multiple industries such as retail, luxury, industrial goods, energy and consumer.

    Ricardo originally joined Strategos in 2005, where his expertise in developing “from the future back” thinking helped companies generate game changing strategies.  He later gained hands-on entrepreneurship experience as founder and CEO of an energy services company, applying the innovation principles to scale up a venture using smart experimentation.

    Ricardo advises both management teams and venture investors in building sustainable growth strategies in a fast-changing world, assessing technology opportunities and in scaling up new business concepts, technologies and brands.

    He holds an MBA degree from INSEAD in France and a degree in Engineering and Industrial Management from IST in Lisbon. His native language is Portuguese, he is fluent in English and has working knowledge in French and Spanish.


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