Nuno Oom Sousa

    Nuno has 6 years experience as a strategic innovation consultant, having joined Strategos after completing his International Management master at ESADE Barcelona.  He has been helping Portuguese and Brazilian companies in conceiving, developing, and growing businesses while developing their capabilities to constantly renew themselves.Preview Changes

    Nuno has experience designing growth solutions through business model disruption and top level strategic architecture in the following industries: construction, consumer goods, music, software services, metallurgical and forestry.  He has been a major contributor in the design of an open Innovation practice guide for a Portugese Retail Company with Global operations.

    Nuno is passionate about helping clients develop their own innovation capabilities, working with teams on demanding business challenges that require both creativity and applying a pragmatic, systematic approach. He is particularly interested in innovation regarding social entrepreneurship models.

    Nuno holds an undergraduate degree in Management from Universidade Nova Lisboa, having studied in WU Vienna and at Peking University. He lives in Lisbon with his family.


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