Companies must continuously identify new growth opportunities long term business success. We can help you identify growth opportunities within your existing core business and markets, related industries (adjacencies) and white spaces.

    We use our proprietary, systemic and above all proven approach to find significant growth opportunities. Too often, companies leverage the same information as their competitors and generate the same ideas. We start with developing a great collection of thoroughly researched insights and proprietary perspectives that we will use to stimulate innovation and convert these into actionable growth opportunities.

    Our method of looking through different lenses to develop fresh insights has helped our clients generate hundreds of ideas that the competition has failed to see. Insights include the identification of unmet customer or consumer needs and the problems they are trying to solve. But to identify innovative and potentially breakthrough ideas we cannot rely on these customer needs alone. We complement this with insights from other ‘lenses’ including:

    • Orthodoxies – challenge widely shared beliefs about who our customer is, what they are looking for, and how we compete that can blind us to emerging opportunities
    • Discontinuities – a confluence of trends which can substantially change the structure or “rules” of an industry
    • Core competencies – our skills, processes, technologies, values and assets that provide customer value and competitive differentiation
    • Analogies – Innovative approaches and business models deployed by pioneers in other industries

    Ideas can range from big and audacious to small and modest. We group related ideas into bigger strategic growth platforms that create a much stronger business proposition. Building platforms for growth helps companies focus on longer term goals and start to commercialize ideas that will generate immediate results for the business.

    Throughout our innovation approach we use tools and techniques that are well documented and provide innovation teams with the toolkit they need to develop their capabilities and help to embed innovation in the organization.

    Investing in a robust process for the “front end of innovation” positively impacts the quality and quantity of generated ideas, the efficiency of your innovation process and the overall engagement of your teams.


    • Large collection of ideas organized in platforms for business growth
    • Teams equipped with innovation capabilities
    • Systemic approach to growth opportunity identification
    • Unmet needs of customers in current and new target areas
    • Clear set of insights and new perspectives about your business

    Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our approach and the results it delivers.