There is more uncertainty than ever. We’re living in a time where companies and industries are disrupted almost on a daily basis. Change is a constant and companies need to be much more aware of non-traditional competitors who are lurking around every corner. The Digital Big Bang is enabling new business models and c-suite executives are starting to realize that no industry is immune to its impact. All of this impacts the speed and scale with which businesses need to innovate.

    The current consensus among leading authorities on strategy is that classical strategy is inadequate to deal with dynamic markets and this is exactly what Strategos has always advocated. Companies tap into the same sources of intelligence and, as a result, competing organizations often converge on similar strategies and tactics that do not differentiate, engage or inspire. The current market environment, driven by globalization and digitization, only makes the inadequacy of the classical approach more obvious.

    Growth strategy is about purpose driven innovation. It is a more creative, yet systemic approach to strategy development, that is based on a much broader range of insights from inside and outside the organization.

    How we can help

    Our Strategic Architecture approach is a road map of how you change your business over time and defines the dimensions of competition you want to own. It shows the migration paths to the future and milestones along the way. It is meant to bring coherence to your opportunity portfolio and enables organizations to make clear and transparent choices. Strategic Architecture defines an organization’s aspiration that engages employees and enables CEOs to successfully lead their organizations into the future.

    The advantage of our Strategic Architecture over classic Strategy development is that our process includes defining the linkages with the elements of your business model and how they may evolve over time. It is a road map populated with opportunities and provides a filter for future initiatives. Our approach takes clients to the front line of change occurring in and around their industry and helps them develop game changing strategies. This makes Strategic Architecture a useful communication tool to engage the wider organization and focus people’s attention on the innovation challenges ahead.


    • Shared common purpose and aspiration for innovation
    • Clear perspective on future drivers of change and their impact
    • Dimensions of innovation to filter and screen opportunities
    • Migration paths that help you achieve your aspiration
    • New areas of opportunity for growth you can pursue and align with your strategy

    Contact us if you’d like to know how we can help stimulate innovation and growth for your company.