Believing innovation is critical to your business is not equal to being innovative. Too often, organizations under invest in developing a robust innovation capability that lasts for decades and transforms the organization. Within each organization, there are levers that can be pulled to institutionalize innovation, change mind sets and combine with the appropriate tools to create innovation success.

    Unfortunately, there is no standard blueprint for innovation that can be simply adopted. Each company has different goals and objectives for innovation, different systems, processes and constraints. Developing the right capabilities that match (and possibly change) an organization’s aspirations, values and culture is critical for delivering innovation results.

    How we can help

    The good news is that while every organization needs different innovation capabilities the process to understand them is relatively straightforward. Our approach starts with an innovation assessment of current capabilities including identifying the barriers to innovation based on past successes and failures. We need to understand (in specific cases) the roles that organizational mechanisms played in enabling or hindering innovation. This will lead us to a set of levers across our Capability Framework that delivers a systemic approach to innovation specific to the client organization

    Implementing this capability includes removing the barriers and instilling new behaviors that change the culture and embeds innovation in the organizational fabric. “Learn by doing” is a key principle of our approach in combination with targetted training and skills development. Leadership needs different competencies to oversee and manage innovation while teams require specific skills to collaborate and work on innovation initiatives. We believe that creating change comes from innovating in new ways and communicating the results, not the other way round.

    Clients engage Strategos because of our deep understanding how innovation success is related to organizational culture. Over the years, we have helped many companies transform their organizations and develop innovation capabilities.


    • Visibility of barriers to innovation
    • Innovation Assessment of your current “innovation system”
    • Engaged employees and innovation teams who have the skills to innovate
    • Metrics and incentives to allow this capability to function and develop over time
    • Innovation practices and approaches that are based on proven principles
    • Processes, systems and organizational structures that support innovation results

    Contact us if you’d like to know how we can help you strengthen your innovation capabilities.