Successful business leaders recognize that embedding innovation capabilities is at the core of their organization’s ability to survive and thrive; and that building a culture of innovation is also critical, but not easy to achieve. Change doesn’t happen overnight but there are tactical ways to start tomorrow while keeping the bigger ambition in mind.

    Common shortfalls when companies work on improving innovation:

    • They see “innovation culture” as mostly a motivational problem
    • They focus on skill building in a vacuum
    • They only use isolated interventions
    • They stimulate ideation but not realization

    Developing a culture of innovation

    For sustainable success, you need to go beyond a “project” approach and build the underlying system of processes, policies, and programs. Make growth and innovation a way of life at your company and gradually change to a culture that embraces innovation and unlocks the hidden potential in your organization.

    Build individual capability

    • Build skills through a combination of learn-by-doing challenges and training
    • Support and empower practitioners with tools and coaching
    • Focus on broader skills than just innovation techniques
    iMentor Innovation Training
    Innovation System

    Surround individuals with organizational capacity

    • Make changes to processes and policies to remove barriers and enable innovation
    • Provide executive support and incentives to identify and execute growth platforms
    • Implement new metrics and rewards to stimulate and monitor progress

    Aim, communicate, and engage effectively

    • Set inspirational aspirations and tangible target areas for innovation
    • Make required changes in behaviors and priorities
    • Communicate successes and learning

    Unlocking innovation potential

    Strategos helps clients by:

    • Working with senior leaders to aim innovation and define clear goals and objectives
    • Ensure that leadership skills and change incentives are in place
    • Link new capabilities to strategy and real business opportunities
    • Take a systemic view to link different innovation infrastructure elements together
    • Address both the “supply” and “demand” sides of innovation
    • Model the desired behaviors and engage employees in the innovation journey

    “Innovating the corporate culture cannot be done overnight. KT has significantly fixed its chronic wrong practices and improved its culture with the help of Strategos.”

    Suk-Chae Lee, Former Chairman and CEO, Korea Telecom

    The right model for you

    There is no standard blueprint that can be adopted. The right model for your company will depend on your specific business, goals, and current culture. We have a variety of diagnostics to quickly assess and communicate the state of innovation at your company and a vision for the future. Our approach attacks the most critical barriers first and applies a step-wise, fit-for-purpose approach to support clients as they learn and to put the critical supporting infrastructure for innovation in place.

    Diagnostics can help organizations assess the current state of innovation from a system perspective. Read more about diagnostics.