Re-inventing the patient experience, better outcomes and lower costs.

    The world has never been healthier than it is today but ill equipped to respond to our ageing population and associated problems such as the increase in chronic diseases and rising cost of the healthcare system. The $8 trillion global healthcare industry is facing costs that are rising at about twice the rate of global GDP growth. With the advances in technology there is much more to gain still but our healthcare industry needs to undergo a major transformation and focus more on prevention and health promotion. In recent years we have seen innovation in the healthcare eco-system accelerating and insurers, governments, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies are addressing changes in patient demands and incorporating new technological developments.

    In less developed countries the challenge is introducing basic health requirements to improve the well-being and general health of the population. Access to medicine, affordable care and education are top priorities that organizations are addressing in new ways.

    We’ve worked with clients on a number of issues ranging from changing the way how care is being delivered, achieving cost improvements and taking a more holistic view of the total care experience for patients. Digital technologies are being used to diagnose, treat and monitor patients in as well as outside of the hospital environment. Advancements in other areas such as the human genome, claimed to determine as much as 30% of our health are critical to provide targeted, precision medicine.


    For a major health care system in the United States, operating a large network of hospitals and medical clinics Strategos executed a wide range of innovation challenges at the enterprise, business area, and front-line levels, designed and implemented a full management infrastructure for innovation.