New opportunities ahead to serve People, Planet and Profit as digitization and environmental concerns are main items on the industry’s menu.

    With a 20% annual growth rate in investments in the online grocery channel, food and beverage brand owners will need to adapt from competing on the shelf to competing on the screen. Consumers quickly align their food buying habits with other shopping habits and this is attracting new entrants. The traditional grocery retail is changing with the entry of e.g. Amazon, recently announcing to open 3000 automatic stores in the US by 2021. No doubt will this unlock opportunities both in product and packaging to leverage the full potential of a digital store.

    Leading food and beverage companies are rallying behind the Sustainable Development Goals including Climate Action and Responsible Consumption. As concerns grow about the industry’s impact it has to innovate in processes, products and services. One such area is packaging where today less than 10% of the +80M tons of plastic packaging produced yearly is recycled and +70% is leaked into the environment or put in landfills. Recognizing that everybody has a role to play to reduce this problem, companies are investing to tackle the technological challenges and need to partner with other stakeholders in the value chain.

    We’ve worked extensively on growth, brand and R&D strategies as well as packaging, product and solution design for food and beverage clients in both North and Central America and Europe. Food & beverage products engage people across the globe and companies across the industry’s value chain have exciting opportunities ahead.


    With Strategos’ guidance, a global food and beverage leader fundamentally reconceived its brand and category strategies within divisions including frozen entrees, coffee, hot beverage additives, and controlled-calorie nutrition. By anticipating changes in its served markets and making tangible an overall corporate thrust toward pure and healthy ingredients, our client successfully redefined its traditional brands and products to remain relevant for a new generation of consumers.

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